Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where are you located?

    Beverly Hills, California and our shipping centers are located in Philadelphia, PA and Los Angeles, CA.

  • How long have you been in business?

    Our first products shipped June 2013.

  • What is From the Lab?

    Our beauty editors and advisors meet with the top cosmetic & beauty labs in the world to bring you small, limited lab runs of the latest scientific breakthroughs in formulas, actives, products, and delivery systems. Our mission is to provide the incredible benefits of luxury beauty at an affordable price.

  • What web browsers do you support?

    We currently provide support for IE 11+, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari (Desktop and IOS). If you find an issue with the site, we’d love to hear about it; please email

    Please note that this site complies with the latest browser support dictated by the PCI Security Standards Council which may exclude older browsers from using this site.


  • What types of products can I expect?

    Approximately every one or two months (shipping cycles are dynamic in length of time), you will receive a full, 30-day supply of one, two, or three products of Skin Care, Hair Care, or Color Cosmetics. Every product that you receive is a luxury product, most likely not available on the US retail market, with a projected retail value of $50-$200. These products often have patented ingredients, are manufactured in Europe by the top labs, and are more innovative than what’s available on the US market today.

  • What ingredients does From the Lab use?

    From the Lab uses a conscientious selection of plant-based and synthetic ingredients that are suitable for all skin types. We do not test on animals or include any substance of animal origin in our products. We only use premium ingredients, and our formulas are free of parabens, benzene, formaldehyde-releasing ingredients, irritants, nanoparticles, nitrosating ingredients, PABA, phthalates, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, toluene, and mineral oils and other comedogenic actives that clog pores. From the Lab adheres to strict European rules for ingredients. Currently, there are over 1,300 banned ingredients in the European Union. The United States, to date, has only banned 11.

  • Are your products fragrance-free?

    Some of our products, such as our skin care products, may contain fragrance. When they do, we rely on synthetic fragrance (allergy-free) and have not used essential oils (which cause more allergic reactions). All of our makeup is fragrance-free, and all of our products are paraben-free.

  • What kind of quality can I expect?

    We work with the best independent, technologically advanced beauty labs from around the world to identify the latest trends in the beauty industry, and we deliver their products directly to you before the luxury brands acquire the rights. Our products are high-end and formulated to provide the most effective concentrations of the most innovative compounds and actives available, without any expensive packaging or marketing.

  • Is clinical testing done with From The Lab products?

    Clinical testing is not done on finished products. Stability, compatibility, etc. are standard. However, the key actives or ingredients are often clinically tested and used in "effective" concentrations as opposed to marketing concentrations.

  • How do you determine the efficacy of your products?

    We work with the best cosmetic labs around the world to ensure that our products deliver quality, luxury and cutting-edge science. Key actives and ingredients are clinically tested to ensure stability and compatibility, and our products are formulated to provide the most effective concentrations of the most innovative compounds and actives available.

  • How often do you come out with new products?

    Generally, we try to release new products once a month. We may skip a month due to several factors such as extended European holidays, customs, stability or compatibility issues... or we just need bit more time to get the perfect products.

  • Are your products the same products that will be sold later by large luxury beauty brands?

    Every beauty product combines key actives, the ingredients responsible for that product’s performance and efficacy, with non-essential ingredients, such as creams, fragrances, and fillers. Because of our focus on procuring the same exclusive formulas and quality active ingredients which large beauty companies seek, nearly every active we have brought to market has appeared in luxury beauty, and we have often been first-to-market, introducing European beauty innovations not yet seen in the U.S. Given the subjective nature of non-active ingredients and fillers, however, it is unlikely that a prestige brand will release an identical product – although some have come close.

  • Can you tell your customers what retail beauty products contain your actives or formulas?

    Although we know of several products that contain the same actives or formulas that we have released, it is not our business focus to expose these brands or products in any way. Instead, we’ll stay focused on providing affordable access to effective and safe high-end beauty products.

  • Why is luxury beauty so expensive? Are we getting ripped off?

    No, but you are paying for more than just the product itself. In traditional retail, the release of a high-end product is complex and highly competitive. It’s tough to stand out! Celebrity endorsements, retail store collaborations, and multi-channel marketing, including television commercials and digital advertising, are expensive. Add extravagant, eye-catching packaging to that, and you could easily be looking at a product that costs well over $100. (Not to mention the time it takes to overcome each retail hurdle – the custom packaging alone can take more than 6 months to produce.) From the Lab bypasses these retail roadblocks by taking a grass-roots approach. We rely on ready-to-ship packaging, minimal marketing, and our customers’ word-of-mouth recommendations because we know that when it comes to beauty, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Beauty Explorer Subscription Membership

  • How do I become a Member or sign-up?

    Sign up at Memberships are limited. When memberships are sold out you have the ability to request an invitation for Membership and be placed on our Invitation List.

  • What do I get as a Beauty Explorer Subscribing Member?

    You get our latest innovations sent to you in our beauty box. We typically ship a new innovation or innovations one to two months apart. The average estimated retail value has averaged to over $100 in value each box. You also get an average 33% off all items in the From the Lab Shop.
    Visit our Membership page to learn more.

  • How often will you email spam me as a Member?

    We think this is a fair question worth noting. We are very strict with the amount of emails we send out to our Members. Therefore we can't stress to you enough the importance of using a 'real' or frequently visited email address as your account sign in. In 2014, we sent only two emails campaigns announcing store sales to our Members! You can unsubscribe to those marketing emails at any time. Other than that, the single most important email is probably the shipping notification with tracking information. A second important email might be to notify you of delays in shipping or credit card expired notices. We rely heavily on the Member Center for news and updates. It's our goal to keep your inbox clutter-free!

  • How does your Invitation List work?

    Memberships are granted on a first-come, first-served basis. If Memberships are not currently available, you can request an invitation at We will send you an email confirming that you have been successfully added to our Invitation List. When new Memberships become available, we will notify you via email and invite you to subscribe to a From the Lab Membership. If all available Memberships have been granted before you respond to the email, you will remain on the Invitation List, and we will notify you the next time Memberships are resumed. You can unsubscribe to the Invitation List at any time.

  • Do I ever have to renew my Membership?

    As a Beauty Explorer Subscription Member you receive our latest selections without ever needing to renew your Membership. With multi-box subscriptions (currently not available), we do not auto-renew when your subscription period is up. We will notify you by email when your subscription has expired. You will have easy options to renew your subscription.

  • Can I buy just one box of product as a non-member?

    Yes, when available. While our newest products are made available to From the Lab Members at a significantly reduced price, any item is available to purchase in store. The benefit of Membership means you receive the product or products for just $19.95 while the non-member store price may be as much as $39.95. Some Beaity Explorer box deliveries may be special edition boxes filled with many past products. These special kits may not be available to purchase from the store, but the items within can be purchased individually.

  • What is the Member Center?

    The Member Center is your personal page on the From the Lab website. After you sign in to your Member page, you can manage your account information as well as manage and track your orders. From here, you can learn more about your our box selections, get tips and watch tutorials, and shop our online store.

  • What happened to your multiple box pre-paid Memberships?

    We may bring them back in the near future, but for now we wanted to simplify the Membership offering as we started the new year in 2015. One price, one clear offering.

  • How do I gift a Membership now that gifting is not available?

    Since gifting operated much like a multi-box pay in advance Membership, it has also been temporarily removed. But you can still sign up a friend or family member for the standard subscription plan.

    You have two options:

    (1) Create an account for yourself with your email address (or if you already have an active account with us). Then add a Beauty Explorer Subscription Membership with their shipping address. You would control the Membership and have the ability to cancel when you'd like.

    (2) Create an account on their behalf with their email address but your billing information. Please note: They will not have access to your credit card information or be able to make purchases on your card. Also, the person you gifted will receive confirmation emails immediately upon submitting the order. Take note of that if you wanted as a surprise! Some Members have created the account under their email address but changed the email over to their giftee once they were ready to share the gift.

  • Can I have more than one Membership on one account?

    Yes you can. Several Members have used this feature to setup Memberships for family members or friends. Simply enter your account email and password at the time of signing up for a new Beauty Explorer Subscription Membership.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Subscription members can cancel at any time! Cancel your subscription by signing in to the Member Center at There is no charge or penalty for canceling. Multi-box subscriptions (3 box or 6 box for example, and currently not available) may not be canceled as all sales are final at the time of purchase. Our multi-box subscriptions do not auto-renew at this time.

  • I am a Beauty Explorer Subscribing Member, how do I cancel?

    We have provided a very easy to use form to make the process of cancellation as frictionless as possible. Please sign in to the Member Center, navigate to the "Membership Account" section. Then find and click "Cancel Membership". If you require assistance, please reach out to support at

  • I was a Member and canceled, now I want to rejoin, what do I need to do?

    Welcome back! Visit and be sure to use your original sign in account. If you are unable to sign in, simply create a new account.

  • Do we have tracking numbers for our subscription box deliveries?

    Tracking numbers are provided in your Member Center but are not sent in the shipping confirmation emails. At this time we do not provide tracking numbers for Canadian orders except for Store orders. To find a tracking number, visit the membership account page in the Member Center. For Store orders, visit the Order Status page located in our Member Store. Please note, to see store order status, you must have opted to create an account during checkout.

  • When can I expect my Beauty Subscription Box to arrive?

    Your box shipment will arrive within 4-6 days after shipping. Canadian orders can take as much as 8-14 days. You can manage your order by visiting your Member Center at


  • What are the shipping & handling costs?

    $5.95 for the Beauty Explorer Subscription Membership within the US and Puerto Rico. $10.95 for the membership box to Canada. $5.95 US / $10.95 Canada for all store orders, regardless of quantity. On store orders, any order over $75 qualifies for free shipping for domestic and Puerto Rico. The free shipping store promotion to Canada is currently unavailable.

  • Do you ship internationally and are there additional costs?

    At this time we only ship to Canada at a cost of $10.95 and Puerto Rico at the regular shipping and handling cost of $5.95 Subscribe to our international notification list »

  • Can you ship to a P.O. Box?

    Yes, but orders may ship slower as we can not use FedEx to ship to a P.O. box.

  • Which Carriers are available to ship my order?

    Our subscription box service ships via USPS and at certain times with FedEx SmartPost (a hybrid mailing service utilizing FedEx to your local post office that then deliver the package to your door).

  • How long does it take to receive a Store order?

    2-5 business days via USPS. You can manage your order by visiting your Member Center at Tracking numbers are provided in your Member Center but are not sent in the shipping confirmation emails.

Pricing & Payment

  • Is there Sales Tax?

    Yes, for California and Pennsylvania residents only. Tax percentages vary based on your county. Our offices are in California, our shipping centers are located near Philadelphia (to be near European shipping routes on the east coast) and Los Angeles.

  • Which Credit Cards are accepted?

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. At this time, we do not accept PayPal.

  • Can I pay by Cash, Check or Money Order?

    As an e-commerce entity only, naturally we do not accept cash or payment via Check or Money Order.

  • Why do I have to provide a telephone number?

    We do not call you ever, period. Communication between us and you is handled via your email account. The phone number is only a requirement of the shipping carrier in case they need to notify you about your delivery. It's also a requirement for any international shipments.

  • How safe is your site for entering my credit card?

    First, to even qualify to accept credit cards online, we have to follow extremely strict and formal guidelines to insure the safety of your card information. This is why we absolutely do not store your card information in any way on our servers. Our site is PCI-DSS compliant with monthly security reviews that insure that we have taken every step possible to insure the safety of your card information.

  • What is this charge on my credit card bill?

    Recurring subscription service/Membership for From the Lab and any individual items purchased via a Member’s personal Member Center. If you feel like a charge is in error, please contact us at

  • Why do I have two charges on my card?

    There are many factors that could produce two charges on your card in the same general time frame. If you signed up for a membership and opted to purchase special promotional bundles, your card may be charged separate for the promotional items. We've also had a few cases where we've had to charge the shipping and handling fee separate from the main order. This is rare, but it does happen from time to time for technical reasons. If you ever have questions about charges on your credit card, please reach out to support, We would be glad to walk you through the charges and clear up any questions you may have.

  • What name appears on my card statement?

    INB*From the Lab
    American Express might reference "Inside Beautiful, Inc."

Returns & Cancellations

  • What is your return policy?

    If you are not satisfied in any way – we offer a full 30-day money back refund on any subscription item or special offers, less shipping and handling for subscribing Beauty Explorer Members. Subscription members (3, 6 or 12 box) may receive store credit at the discretion of the customer service agent handling your request. In general with Multi-bpx, pay-in-advance Subscription Memberships, all sales are final unless the product arrived damaged or missing. Please see the Terms & Conditions for more detailed information.

  • How and where do you send a return?

    Please contact us at, and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process.

Points & Referral Program

  • What are 'Points'?

    Points are store credit earned by referring friends to a From the Lab Membership. Current point rates equal $10 per 1000 points.

  • What is your Referral Program?

    Refer friends or family and be rewarded with store credit in the form our points. Each referral will earn you 1,000 points when your friend signs up for a Membership.

  • How do I use Points?

    When you make a Store purchase, there will be a Points Redemption module at checkout. You can use as many or as little points as you'd like for a purchase. Points do not apply to shipping and handling charges.

  • Do I lose points if I cancel Membership?

    You do not lose points when you deactivate your Membership. Points will continue to be available to you even if you're not an active Member. Sign in to the Member Center Points Page

  • Do Points expire?

    Points do not currently expire.

  • When I earn points as a bonus when signing up, when can I use them?

    You will be eligible to use the signup bonus points once your first box has shipped.